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In this first quarter we will be travelling through Mark as we will look at how ‘Jesus brings the Kingdom’ 

Sunday Morning Worship

These are the subjects for our coming Sunday services and the person leading our worship each week:-

26th February:Kingdom Prophets and Workers - Jonathan Welch

5th March: Surprises of the Kingdom - Ian Merrick

12th March: Parables for Kingdom Workers - Tim Wells

19th March: Ups and Downs of the Kingdom - Bryan Field

26th March: Mothering Sunday - Claire Murphy

Church theme for 2017
This year our Church is looking at the theme of "The Kingdom". We will look into what we mean by ‘The Kingdom’, where it is and what do we do to get there. We will look at what Israel did right and wrong and what we can learn. Finally we will look at how we live in the Kingdom now and why we need to share it with others.

We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK: working for a united Church, confident in voice and inspired for mission, We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.


We wish you the Lord's help and strength for all life's opportunities and challenges through 2017.

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Applying the Good News of Jesus to our daily lives.